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Has the Leavenworth Real Estate Market Recovered?

We get clients and friends asking us all the time: Has the Leavenworth Real Estate Market Recovered? Since the market is fluid and dynamic it really depends on what time periods we are comparing. For this discussion, I broke the history of the Leavenworth real estate market into three time periods. The real estate boom. 2006-2007. I used the color green for this period …

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Leavenworth – No Swine Flu in Our Market

The Leavenworth real estate market might be a little sluggish, but it’s not dying of swine flu. As Mark Twain once said, “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”   BY AzRainman Home buyers (or would be home buyers)  – Leavenworth is not Detroit, Las Vegas, or even Seattle.  In the last few weeks I have written or received 6 offers to …

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Leavenworth Real Estate – No Fire Sale

Real estate has been in the national news of late. The National Association of Realtors recently announced that existing home sales are at the lowest point in 9 years.   Sounds like great news for buyers and real estate investors hoping to buy at a low point in the market. It would be, if it were true in Leavenworth and Lake Wenatchee.   This …

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Leavenworth Mortgage Crises?

Guest post from Darel Ansley of Peoples Bank in Wenatchee People have been asking me how the recent mortgage meltdown will affect lending in Leavenworth. The truth is, the ‘crises’ is actually helping people in Leavenworth. As you might imagine, few people purchase a vacation home with a subprime mortgage, and the typical Leavenworth buyer is at the far end of the spectrum from …

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Leavenworth Real Estate Market Update

The Leavenworth real estate market is made up of a number of different sectors that always seem to be moving in slightly different directions.   The majority of consumers, whether they are local homeowners looking at an increased tax bill or out of town investors, look to the growth of prices to gauge the strength of the market.   Home prices in Leavenworth WA …

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Low Inventory in Leavenworth Homes Market

  Moderately priced home sales have really taken off in the Leavenworth Washington real estate market. Today there are only 16 homes under $300,000 and 26 under $400,000. Scarier yet, many of these are small (under 1000 square feet, some under 500) or have other issues that may make them difficult to get a loan for. (Lack of septic and electricity, half interest in …

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Leavenworth 3 bedroom home prices explode!

I was running some numbers today for a Windermere publication that comes out quarterly. It uses average prices of sold 3 bedroom homes as a gauge of the market. For the first half of 2006, the average 3 bedroom home in the Leavenworth area. (including Plain and Lake Wenatchee) was $375,000. For the second half it is up to $458,000. I double checked. Those …

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No permit, no well, no septic

Think this might be a problem for selling a house? Apparently not in today’s real estate market for Leavenworth Washington. Two homes recently popped on the market just outside of town. Nice little fixer upper cabins. Cabins without water, wired for generators and hooked up to sketchy homemade septic systems. Both received multiple offers in just a few days. A surprise to a number …

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Market Review

The local Windermere offices in Wenatchee and Leavenworth have recently published a market review which has local real estate statistics for 2005. (I will mail you one for free if you ask.) Average prices for local towns (excluding new construction): Wenatchee $189,000 E. Wenatchee $188,000 Cashmere $182,000 Leavenworth $267,000 Those prices seem ridiculously low, don’t they. Yep, that was 2005. Old news. As of …

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20%. That’s the big number that just came out from the recent Real Estate “Snapshot” put out by Pacific Appraisal in Wenatchee. There has been an overall gain of 20% value in real estate in the Wenatchee Valley since last year. Not all properties appreciated at this rate. Some market sectors are hot and others less so. Ramblers and their convenient one story living …



    If you’re planning to buy a home in this area, the best place to start is with the Leavenworth Home Buyer’s Guide.

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