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Leavenworth Real Estate – No Fire Sale

Posted by Geordie Romer on February 26, 2008

Real estate has been in the national news of late. The National Association of Realtors recently announced that existing home sales are at the lowest point in 9 years.
Sounds like great news for buyers and real estate investors hoping to buy at a low point in the market. It would be, if it were true in Leavenworth and Lake Wenatchee.
This summer I reported a slowdown in the Leavenworth real estate market . At the time we had 135 single family homes for sale and a deluge of newly constructed condos.
Fast forward to this Winter and the Leavenworth real estate market looks a little different. This isn’t spin from a rosy glassed Realtor, the real data look very encouraging.
Stealing from Howie Mandel – Let’s play Deal or No Deal

 No Deal!  (Inventory is Low, Demand is High)

Lake Wenatchee waterfront homes
Fish Lake Homes
Riverfront property on the Wenatchee River or Chiwawa River or Icicle Creek
Cabins – almost anywhere
Building lots in Ponderosa or Chiwawa River Pines
Condos at Kahler Glen
Horse property
If you own a property like this and want to sell, please don’t hesitate to call. The market demand is high.
Deal (Inventory is high, demand is low)
New construction condos
Condos zoned multi-family
Houses located within the city limits of Leavenworth
Steep land
If are looking for a deal, look here. If you are selling, you need to hire the best agent you can and price your property aggressively.



    If you’re planning to buy a home in this area, the best place to start is with the Leavenworth Home Buyer’s Guide.

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