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Leavenworth Home Prices – Spring 2024

Spring is the busy real estate season and what happens during April, May and June can tell us lots about the real estate market and where Leavenworth home prices might be headed. 2024 has been a little bit of a strange year. Real estate agents have been joking that one of two things will happen when you list a house in this market. “Either …

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Leavenworth Home Prices – First Quarter 2024

Creating exciting headlines for real estate sales data is a much easier job than sharing meaningful analysis. It would be easy to get excited about record sales prices for homes in Leavenworth and proclaim that the market is as hot as ever or that the slowdown of 2023 is behind us now. The average home price for Leavenworth in the first quarter of 2024 …

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Summer 2023 – Leavenworth Home Prices

Websites that make money from clicks love to write headlines that shock and grab the reader’s attention. For the summer of 2023, that headline might read “Leavenworth home sales down 42%!” Certainly, the number of homes sold in the 3rd quarter is down significantly in 2023 compared to previous summers.  In July, August and September only 34 single family homes sold in the Leavenworth …

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How much value does a swimming pool add to the value o...

Jessyca emailed me the other day and asked a great question. “How much value does a swimming pool add to the value of my Leavenworth home? Are buyers willing to pay extra for a house in Leavenworth WA with a pool?” A pool doesn’t make sense for every home. Before adding a pool, I would make sure your home meets the most common needs …

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7 Brilliant Reasons Why Leavenworth is the Ultimate Re...

Retiring in Leavenworth, Washington is the perfect opportunity for those seeking a scenic location to spend their golden years. With its picturesque mountains, outdoor recreation opportunities, and unique Bavarian architecture, Leavenworth is a popular destination for retirees. 1. The Weather in Leavenworth One of the most significant benefits of retiring in Leavenworth is the area’s weather. The region features four distinct seasons, with warm …

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Leavenworth Real Estate Update – Winter 2023

Real estate headlines grab your attention the most when they announce surreal changes in neighborhood home prices. In recent years, we have almost become numb to headlines shouting about 10 or even 20 percent price increases for Leavenworth homes. Doomsayers and bargain hunters tend to rejoice when the headlines read the opposite. Large declines in real estate prices also make for tantalizing clickbait. A …

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Leavenworth Home Prices 2022

2022 was a dramatic shift from the pandemic real estate boom many markets like Leavenworth experienced in 2020 and 2021. A massive spike in mortgage interest rates, rapidly increasing inflation and recessionary fears caused an abrupt slowdown in buyer demand. Leavenworth was not immune to these economic trends. Additionally, 2022 started with a record snowfall that shutdown and slowed down nearly everything for weeks. …

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Leavenworth Home Prices Fall 2022

We’ve seen a lot of descriptions for the recent shift in the real estate market, but a “return to normalcy” seems like it might be the most accurate.  Both the number of homes sold this summer and the sales prices are less than the crazy records set during the pandemic, but there’s certainly nothing to suggest a return to the “Great Recession” like we …

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Leavenworth Real Estate Update Spring 2022

 As most folks have heard, the Leavenworth real estate market has changed dramatically in recent months. Mike Simonsen, a real estate analytics expert at Altos Research, declared on May 30th  “the pandemic real estate frenzy is over.” Simply put, inventory is increasing, demand has slowed and prices are not increasing at the astronomic rates that we have seen in recent years. However, real estate …

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Leavenworth Vacation Rental Rules

Many homebuyers buying a vacation home in Leavenworth Washington often consider renting the home as an Airbnb, VRBO or short term rental when the house is not in use. But what are the Leavenworth vacation rental rules? One of the most common questions we receive as Leavenworth real estate agents is.. Are Airbnb allowed in Leavenworth? Airbnb are allowed in commercial areas within the …



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