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Chiwawa River Pines – Vacation Rental Ban Update

Originally reported October 2, 2008 The Chiwawa River Pines neighborhood has recently voted to enforce a covenant that bans vacation rentals in their neighborhood. According to Al Lorenz of the NCW Real Estate Blog (who is also a board member at Chiwawa River Pines), the neighborhood recently voted to allow “Long Term, low impact, service oriented businesses” and “long-term, residential rentals for a period …

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Leavenworth Home Prices – First Quarter 2024

Creating exciting headlines for real estate sales data is a much easier job than sharing meaningful analysis. It would be easy to get excited about record sales prices for homes in Leavenworth and proclaim that the market is as hot as ever or that the slowdown of 2023 is behind us now. The average home price for Leavenworth in the first quarter of 2024 …

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Leavenworth WA real estate – Should you be inves...

2024 Update: When this article was originally written in 2007, vacation rentals were unregulated in unincorporated Chelan County. Chelan County now has a highly regulated vacation rental / nightly-weekly rental industry. The Chelan County rules apply in Plain, Lake Wenatchee and unincorportated areas of Leavenworth while the City of Leavenworth has its own zoning rules for vacation rentals in the city limits and the …

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Leavenworth Real Estate Prices Spring 2023

The real estate market in Leavenworth in 2023 is a hard one for many people to wrap their head around.  The number of listings is generally low and supply is outstripping demand, but demand is moderate, not robust.  Some parts of the market are quiet with sellers reducing their list prices, while other sellers are experiencing bidding wars and record prices. In the spring …

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Are there new Chelan County short term rental rules?

In a previous post we outlined Leavenworth vacation rental rules for those interested in a short term rental in the city limits of Leavenworth. This article will follow up with an overview about Chelan County short term rental rules for properties in unincorporated areas outside of Leavenworth. Vacation rentals are known as short term rentals or STRS or even “nightly / weekly rentals.” Any …

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How to Calculate Months of Supply

We use the term “months of supply” in real estate to tell us how much inventory of homes for sale we have on the market.  The months of supply is the time it would take for all the current inventory to sell if it all sold at the current rate without new inventory coming on the market. What does supply mean in real estate? …

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Leavenworth Real Estate Update Spring 2022

 As most folks have heard, the Leavenworth real estate market has changed dramatically in recent months. Mike Simonsen, a real estate analytics expert at Altos Research, declared on May 30th  “the pandemic real estate frenzy is over.” Simply put, inventory is increasing, demand has slowed and prices are not increasing at the astronomic rates that we have seen in recent years. However, real estate …

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Lake Wenatchee Real Estate

Real Estate at Lake Wenatchee and Fish Lake has really taken off in the last decade. Lake Wenatchee’s popularity comes from the wealth of recreational opportunities (boating, fishing, windsurfing, hiking, snowmobiling, skiing, golfing) and its proximity to the Seattle area. I wrote about Fish Lake real estate in a previous post, so this article will be mostly about Lake Wenatchee. There are two roads …

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2021 Leavenworth Home Prices

Leavenworth home prices continued their ascent in 2021 fueled by the same factors that we saw in 2020, though perhaps at not quite as dramatic a pace.  Buyer demand remained very strong and limited inventory caused prices to climb. The number of homes sold in the Leavenworth area dropped from 193 to 171, which is very similar to 2019’s number.  Demand continued to be …

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2021 Spring Home Prices – Leavenworth Washington

At the risk of sounding like a broken record player, the Leavenworth real estate market has not ceased to astound all observers.  The second quarter of 2021 broke all sorts of new ground, driven by buyer demand that continues to radically outpace supply. While the average consumer might gasp at the increase in Leavenworth home prices, the statistic that grabs us is the record …



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