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2021 Leavenworth Home Prices

Leavenworth home prices continued their ascent in 2021 fueled by the same factors that we saw in 2020, though perhaps at not quite as dramatic a pace.  Buyer demand remained very strong and limited inventory caused prices to climb. The number of homes sold in the Leavenworth area dropped from 193 to 171, which is very similar to 2019’s number.  Demand continued to be …

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Leavenworth Home Prices 3rd Quarter 2021

It’s hard not to write about the Leavenworth real estate market and not use a clickbait style headline to gain the reader’s attention. “Home sales drop to lowest number in 8 years!” “Home sales drop 43%!” “Average home price in Leavenworth nearly $1 million!” “Leavenworth home prices soar 46%!” All of these statements are true, but none really get to the heart of what …

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2021 Spring Home Prices – Leavenworth Washington

At the risk of sounding like a broken record player, the Leavenworth real estate market has not ceased to astound all observers.  The second quarter of 2021 broke all sorts of new ground, driven by buyer demand that continues to radically outpace supply. While the average consumer might gasp at the increase in Leavenworth home prices, the statistic that grabs us is the record …

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How much should I offer over asking price on a Leavenw...

With record low inventory in the Leavenworth real estate market and extremely high demand, bidding wars are becoming commonplace. Many buyers are asking what they need to do to compete right now. How much should I offer over asking price on a Leavenworth house in 2021? As of June 2021, 59 single family homes have sold in the Leavenworth zip code. Five of these …

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Leavenworth Home Prices 2021

A year ago we had just started our coronavirus lockdown and everyone was filled with uncertainty. Plans for almost everything were canceled or put on hold indefinitely.  Thankfully in 2021, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In April of 2020, we had no idea what effect the pandemic would have on real estate. I don’t think anyone …

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Careful of Your Heat Pump After a Power Outage

The following is a guest post from Don Hester of NCW Inspections Heat pumps are very common in North Central Washington towns like Leavenworth because of the need for air conditioning. Heat pumps combined with our lower energy rates can create a very low cost of operation for heating needs during the winter. Photo courtesy of Chan Bliss on Flickr One thing that we …

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Can Heat Tape Cause a Fire?

Guest Post by Don Hester of NCW Home Inspections, LLC a Licensed Washington State Home Inspection service located in Wenatchee Washington A recent house fire in Leavenworth has numerous homeowners wondering “Can heat tape cause a fire?” A very common artifact of living with snow in the Leavenworth or Lake Wenatchee area is the use of heat tape to help manage snow and ice on roofs and …

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2020 Leavenworth Home Prices

2020 was an unexpected and unprecedented year in every way imaginable.  No part of our lives or the economy was left unchanged from 2019 and real estate, especially in Leavenworth, was no different.  Massive demand led to a huge increase in 2020 Leavenworth home prices. In the early spring months of March and April, we assumed that lockdowns and stay at home orders would …

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Leavenworth Home Prices Summer 2020

When we wrote our spring market update for the Leavenworth real estate market, our fear was that inventory might not be able to meet the extremely strong buyer demand.  It seemed likely that Leavenworth home prices would climb in the summer of 2020, but without any properties to sell the number of homes sold might come to a halt. Luckily, the number of new …

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Leavenworth Condo Update – 2020 Mid Year

Earlier in the spring we documented the struggles that many condo sellers were having in the Leavenworth real estate market.  At that time, buyer demand for condos appeared low and inventory was starting to increase. Looking back at the first six months of 2020, it looks like demand for condos has returned and inventory is quite low again. While the number of closed sales …



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