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Winter in Leavenworth

Posted by Geordie Romer on November 16, 2009

The snow has begun to fall in Leavenworth and this sign is a reminder what that means in town.

Winter Sign in Leavenworth

Snowplows need to be able to do their job to clear the streets so don’t forget to park off the street overnight. (For your benefit, I have done some “research” in this department, and yes, the Chelan County Sheriffs Department DOES issue tickets.)
The folks at have a good reminder about winter parking up at the lake:
“Every year there are the same reports of people parking on the traveled roadways of North Shore Drive, South Shore (Cedar Brae) and other roads….The sheriff WILL ticket vehicles parked in the roadways in ways that can impair passage of traffic and larger emergency vehicles. Providing for parking for yourself and your guests is part of being here in the winter so please don’t park in other peoples plowed areas or have the snow from your driveway dumped on your neighbors drive or property.”
As most folks know, if you don’t plow or snowblow your own driveway, the best solution is to get a seasonal contract for plowing.
I know Leavenworth Electric and Excavation (509-763-2000) handles snowplowing at Coles Corner and some neighborhoods near Lake Wenatchee.
Who else is handling residential plowing this year? Please add your favorites in the comments section.



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