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Leavenworth Riverfront Homes

Buying a Leavenworth vacation home on the river is a dream for many throughout the Northwest. I have written a number of articles before about some of the options for those looking to buy a home on the river in Leavenworth or buy land on the river and build their own home.
Rivers in the Leavenworth and Lake Wenatchee area include the Wenatchee River (which flows from Lake Wenatchee to the Columbia River), the Chiwawa River,Icicle Creek, Nason Creek and Peshastin Creek. Smaller creeks include Chumstick Creek and the Little Chumstick.
Here is what the Wenatchee River looks like at Spring melt along Icicle road (May of 2008). This video was taken from my listing at 8920 Icicle Road. (It’s confusing that homes along Icicle Road are not Icicle Creek, but on the Wenatchee River.)

The Chiwawa River looks like this at about the same time of year (May 2008). This video was taken from my listing at Shugart Flats outside of Plain near Lake Wenatchee.

If you are looking for a babbling brook, you might consider something along Chumstick Creek. This video was taken from the backyard of my listing on the Chumstick Highway in May 2008 as well.

The kids who live here now love playing in the creek and chasing fish and other critters and cooling off when it gets hot.
I currently represent 2 homes on the Wenatchee River, 1 home on the Chiwawa River and 1 home on Chumstick Creek. However, there are other homes on the market to choose from as well. As of May 22, there are 15 homes on the river and 3 homes on smaller creeks.
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    If you’re planning to buy a home in this area, the best place to start is with the Leavenworth Home Buyer’s Guide.

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