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Category Archives: Leavenworth Condominiums

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Cruise Ship Condos

Condominiums have been a popular seller here in Leavenworth and in Kahler Glen for some time. There are even four new condo projects being built here as I type. I just read that about a new cruise ship, Magellan that will be selling on board “condos.” The ship is at sea year round visiting exotic ports and units are priced between $1.8 million to …

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National Records in Condo Sales

According to data recently released by the National Association of Realtors, condominiums sold at a record pace in 2004. A total of 970,000 condos sold last year at a median price of $193,600. The volume was up 8% while median price was up 17%. (Single family homes rose 8.3%) Median price for condos in the West was $246,100, up 14.5%. I can’t say these …



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