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Wanna be in the movies?

Posted by Geordie Romer on November 10, 2008

How about your barn? Does it want to be famous?
We have a film crew in Leavenworth today November 10th and 11th scouting for an area to film an upcoming movie that takes place in Switzerland on a goat farm.

Here are their particulars:
1) Goat Farm in Switzerland in Alps
(animals can/will be brought in – at earlier point in story they have sheep) 
small cabin / small out building nearby 
large barn 
long dirt road with breathtaking mountainous background leading to farm 
lush fields with mountain backdrop
2) And 2 other Swiss farms
3) Country roads in Switzerland
4) Swiss village 
        stores in town 
        coffee shop 
        feed store
5) SOUND OF MUSIC like field (The Hills Are Alive) with mountains in background (and ends at cliff or dramatic drop if possible)
6) Swiss Train Station
7) Nepal – Himalayas – trail (dramatic, rocky, steep face)
8) Vermont Goat Farm – lovely farmhouse, bucolic setting
If you know of an area perfect for a goat farm, or other elements for their movie, let me know.



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