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Vacation Rental Ban in Chiwawa River Pines?

Do you own a vacation rental in Chiwawa River Pines? Do you have a cabin there that you have been thinking about renting out when your family isn’t using it?

Al Lorenz over at NCW Real Estate Blog reports that the community is debating how to enforce a ban on vacation rentals and all other commercial ventures that have been a part of the neighborhoods.

No matter your opinion on the matter, if you own property in Chiwawa River Pines, you should plan on attending upcoming meetings of the neighborhood association.

I think that enforcing a ban on vacation rentals will have a negative impact on property values.

Buyers in the Leavenworth and Lake Wenatchee real estate market like the option of renting out their property even if they never use the option. Condos that can’t be rented out languish in our market. Homes in the city limits of Leavenworth don’t sell quickly for the same reason. I think a ban on vacation rentals in Chiwawa River Pines will only increase the property values in Ponderosa, where out of area buyers will turn their attention.

UPDATE March 20 – A date has been set for a community meeting for those who own homes and property in Chiwawa River Pines

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