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Unlisted Homes in the Leavenworth Luxury Market

Searching for a home in any market can sometimes be a frustrating experience. In the Leavenworth real estate market it is even tougher because there are so few homes for sale. I have seen inventory as high as 150 homes, but this includes Leavenworth to Lake Wenatchee and Stevens Pass and price ranges from $150,000 to $3,000,000.
Buyers looking for a cabin under $300,000 in Leavenworth often feel frustrated at the lack of options, but shoppers looking for a trophy home above $1,000,000 sometimes have it tough too.

Luxury Home – Photo by Steve Parker

While I do have some great luxury home listings –
like this Modern Redwood Home on the Wenatchee River:
and this Private Ranch at the end of Merry Canyon:
I also keep a list of private sellers with million and multi-million dollar homes in the Leavenworth area.  These are sellers who are not interested in advertising their home, holding open houses, or showing off their private spaces on the internet. But they are interested in selling if the right buyer comes along.
If you are interested in a luxury home in Leavenworth and don’t see something on the internet that fits your needs. Drop me a line and we can discuss your needs and see if they match any of the houses on my list. Conversely, if you would like me to add your home to my list I would be happy to meet with you and discuss your home.
Of course you can always click here to Search for Homes in Leavenworth that are currrently listed by an agent.
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    If you’re planning to buy a home in this area, the best place to start is with the Leavenworth Home Buyer’s Guide.

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