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Stevens Pass Is Re-opening!

Posted by Geordie Romer on February 14, 2005

This sure has been a strange winter. We were all a little upset when Steven’s Pass ski area was taking so long to open this winter, but it got worse when they got 6″+ of rain one January weekend. They have been closed ever since. The effect on the Leavenworth has been sad. Many of the seasonal employees who work at the resort have fled town, looking for greener employment pastures. Uncle Uli’s hosted a party – “Mother Nature’s a *&$!” and gave discounted food and drink to the out of work folks. Being a seasons pass holder, I was hoping to get more than one (that’s right – one!) day of skiing this year.
Good news. Steven’s Pass announced today that they plan on re-opening on Thursday February 17th. Hopefully, we’ll get a few decent storms later this winter and be able to salvage a little bit of the ski season. For more info
More importantly, we need a decent snowpack for our summer stream and river flows and to prevent forest fires. The beautiful spring days have been great for riding my bike, but I would rather have a some snow right now.

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