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Rescued by Super Agent Toby Barnett

Posted by Geordie Romer on December 19, 2012

Sometimes in real estate, as in life, you get yourself in a pickle and need to lean on a friend to help you out.
Today when we needed help, Toby Barnett, our Super Agent pal in Snohomish County, came to our rescue.
Toby Barnett

Our plight is a long and complicated story. We won’t bore you with all the details. It involves a lender who is behind in getting closing docs to escrow and the difficult process of buying a foreclosed home from HUD.
To complicate matters, escrow isn’t here in Chelan County. Escrow is in Everett, which is a long dangerous drive in the blizzard conditions we had today and earlier this week.
Somehow, we needed to get a cashier’s check (a wire transfer won’t do) to the escrow office in Everett today so that the closing date could be extended for a few days for our buyers.
Toby was a huge help for us today. We were able to send him the money via Western Union and then he was able to get us a cashier’s check and deliver it to the escrow office in Everett.
Whether you believe in karma or just the old adage of “what goes around, comes around” I hope Toby is rewarded with future good luck and good fortune in the days to come. If you ever need help with your real estate needs in Marysville or Snohomish County, I hope you’ll consider giving Toby a call.



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