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Ponderosa Estates Allows Vacation Rentals

Posted by Geordie Romer on October 19, 2010

Originally posted October 19, 2010

Over the last few years there has been much debate about whether or not allowing vacation rentals makes for a healthy community or if banning them might have a negative effect on home prices in a certain neighborhood.

Chiwawa River Pines, after much debate and legal wrangling, decided earlier that vacation rentals are not to be allowed in their neighborhood.

Ponderosa Estates (Ponderosa Community Club) has been mulling the vacation rental question over as well and had a well attended community meeting on the topic last year.

Apparently, Ponderosa Estates has recently decided to continue to allow vacation rentals. One of our dear readers, Mark, brought it to my attention that this decision was just published online in the October Minutes of the Ponderosa Community Club Board Meeting .

“Motion made that members have the right to rent their private property without association interference as he/she chooses either to rent or not to rent as long as within Washington State requirements and Chelan County restrictions – Jeanne/Daryn, all approved, motion carries.”



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