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Office Exclusive Listings

Posted by Geordie Romer on April 9, 2006

As many of you know, we are generally in a “sellers” market in the Leavenworth area. There are very few homes on the market and little for a buyer to choose from.
Real estate is very competitive here in our little valley and agents and real estate companies are trying new tactics to protect their business.
One such tactic being used is “Office Exclusive” listings. When I list a property I try to bring as many potential buyers to my clients home as possible. I advertise in a wide range of publications and websites and place the home on the Multiple Listing Service. Office Exclusives are listings not found in the MLS.
How does this help the seller? I’m not sure.
Perhaps they are paying a lower fee by not being placed on the MLS. Does this savings outweigh the gains received by the possibility of multiple offers common in our market?
Perhaps they hope to attract a non-represented buyer who won’t be able to negotiate the price or other terms as well as a real estate professional could.
I educate my sellers that Office Exclusives are not in their best interest. What do you think?



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