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Occupy Leavenworth

Posted by Geordie Romer on October 6, 2011

The movement to Occupy Wall Street has been much in the news over the past few weeks and now it looks like there is a movement to Occupy Leavenworth. In solidarity with our Bavarian brothers in Munich, citizens and beer drinkers from all over Washington State are descending on Leavenworth over the next two weekends.  Giant tents have been erected next to the Festhalle to try and contain the crowds and the mayor has even promised to tap a keg in order to appease the crowd’s demands. A homemade video found on the internet clearly shows the occupation’s intent.
  The political goals of the Occupy Leavenworth movement are nebulous but appear to lean libertarian with a focus on libations and general revelry.  The rumors around Leavenworth is that the crowd may also attempt to Occupy Leavenworth in the weeks prior to Christmas and have already arranged for dozens of buses to handle transporting huge numbers to town. Are you headed to Leavenworth for the Occupy Leavenworth movement?

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