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Leavenworth’s Eagle Creek Road – Wider or Not?

Posted by Geordie Romer on February 6, 2008

Eagle Creek Road winds up through a narrow canyon along the meandering Eagle Creek. Just a few miles from downtown Leavenworth, residents and vacation home owners along Eagle Creek get the best of both worlds – close to town and yet a very quiet rural existence.
Chelan County is currently considering making major repairs of this windy country road. According to a recent article in the Leavenworth Echo (article not yet online) the road was originally a wagon trail up into the mountains. The repairs would flatten and widen the road and add guardrails for safety. Currently the road is about 20 feet wide and would be widened to 28 feet wide.
An article in the Wenatchee World says that some local residents are against the plan. They fear that an improved road would lead to increased speeds and a degradation of the rural atmosphere that they like living on Eagle Creek Road.
I am going to add my voice to the debate. And you can contact your County Commissioner to add yours too.
I think that widening the road would be a great benefit. Those of us who ride bikes can now be safely passed and cars on the road will have increased sight distance to pass as well. Even slow moving tractors will benefit from the wider roads. In rural areas it is also common to walk along the road – also safer with wider roads.
From a fiscal responsibility point of view, I think it would be irresponsible for us to give back $2.5 Million to the state when that money is allocated for much needed repairs on Eagle Creek Road. I’m sure someone in Pe Ell would be happy to spend our gas tax money on roads in the Grays Harbor area (for example) but I’d rather the funds stay here.



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