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Leavenworth Real Estate Blog’s 3 Year Bloggiversary

Posted by Geordie Romer on January 17, 2008

This real estate blog has successfully been published for 3 years now and I am pleased at how it has slowly grown and matured. The blogosphere was young in 2005 when I first signed up for a Blogger account and jumped in the deep end of real estate blogging.
In those 3 years, I have seen the growth of communities like Real Estate Community, Rain City Guide and LinkedIn . I have gotten great tips about building a community through blogging and educating the consumer about Leavenworth real estate. Sites like The Real Estate Tomato and RSS Pieces have helped transform this blog from a short advertisements to a source for in depth news and analysis.
Blogging has helped build my business through educating buyers and sellers. I have been interviewed by the New York Times, quoted by the Spokesman Review, and have been invited to blog for the Seattle PI’s Real Estate Blog.
For years, I was the lone wolf in the Leavenworth blog scene, but recently a few folks have decided to dip their toes into the water.
Local sites include the new blog format at Lake Wenatchee Info and the Leavenworth blog of webmaster In the real estate world, Windermere’s Erin and Blaine Davidson have a Leavenworth blog and Carol Williams has added Leavenworth Condo Blog to her ever growing stable of blogs. Local Leavenworth real estate agent Sam Ernst and his broker have even added a real estate blog to his site.
I wish all these newcomers to the Leavenworth blog scene the best of luck. With 80% of blogs dying and giving up in the first year, I know it is a hard row to hoe especially when the benefits aren’t always clear. I also challenge these new bloggers to minimize the fluff and the self-promotion. Focus on educating the consumer, and we all win.
Best wishes to all in 2008.



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