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Posted by Geordie Romer on December 15, 2008

Here at the Leavenworth real estate blog we’re always searching for great topics to write about. Topics that you find interesting, educational, informative and once and awhile… life changing.
The most popular articles seem to be about waterfront real estate – everyone (including me) dreams about buying a home on Lake Wenatchee or a cabin on Fish Lake.  Unfortunately, these homes are scarce. 1 home has sold on Lake Wenatchee in 2008 and 2 on Fish Lake.  And while this scarcity has driven prices up, I still have numerous buyers looking for a nice place on the lake.
The cheap prices on the USFS leased cabins on the North Shore of Lake Wenatchee also grab internet eyeballs, but the truth is disappointing. Your mom was right – if it looks too good to be true…
People are also interested in riverfront property on the Wenatchee River, Chiwawa River and Icicle Creek. While opportunities are still limited and prices high, buying a cabin or home on the river near Leavenworth is still very possible.
Of course scandal and intrigue always make for a good read. I try to stay out of litigation as a matter of principal, so the real juicy stuff is likely to show up someplace else.  But when a policy issue like Chiwawa River Pines discussion of banning vacation rentals comes up, I’m happy to throw in my two cents.  Every once and awhile I even get in on on reporting local news – like the avalanche at Kahler Glen.

I am always trying to get my friends and peers in real estate related industries to share their insight. I’d love more tips and wisdom about home insurance issues, I’d love more info about mortgages and real estate lending, I’d love some “green” home ownership or home buying articles, I’d love to post some pictures of great new house designs and trends. (Eric, James, Darel – I know you are reading this…)
What would you like to see on written about here at the Leavenworth real estate blog ?

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