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Leavenworth Plans for Downtown Improvements

Posted by Geordie Romer on June 23, 2009

Contribute your ideas to Leavenworth’s Downtown Master Plan!

The City of Leavenworth is now entering into Phase 2 of design for the Downtown Master Plan. Phase 2 involves development of a sign strategy to eliminate redundant public signage and to make existing signage more effective. Phase 2 also involves the design of a variety of plazas and grand entries into the Downtown. The plazas and entries are intended to be magnificent public places.

Leavenworth’s Downtown Committee has developed renditions of how the proposed plazas in the downtown area might look, and would like to maximize the uniqueness of these areas further by understanding more about what your favorite place might look, sound, smell, or feel like.

The City of Leavenworth is asking you to:
Tell us about something you saw on your last trip to Europe or even your last trip to Wenatchee – or tell us what is special about the place where you pause for coffee, drive to for a picnic, or your favorite gateway into a community. We would like to capture the essence of the ideas you share, so if you can relate your ideas to our plaza renditions or to a place you think we should create, even better.
You can download a PDF of the entire Masterplan for Downtown Leavenworth here
Comments can be sent to Rob Eaton, the Mayor of Leavenworth [email protected]
Connie Krueger, Director of Community Development. [email protected]

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