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Leavenworth House For under $100,000

Yep, some things are too good to be true.
There have been a handful of properties over the years that would loosely fit that definition, but I have never seen a house that is inhabitable and that a bank would loan money on, for under $100,000 in Leavenworth WA.
Most consumers start their home search  these days on the internet.  It’s pretty common to think that you might have stumbled upon a great deal   that no one else has seen. I guess it’s possible, but there are a lot of folks looking at houses on the internet. Just on this website alone, we get between 1200-1500 visits a month of people looking at the homes on the MLS.
It’s pretty common that we tend to get lots of requests about the same properties over and over again. If the price just seems too good to be true, the house might be:

Underneath the Bonneville Power Administration high voltage line
Next to the Burlington Northern railroad tracks
A former meth lab or drug house
Within earshot of U.S. Highway 2
Not accessible by car in the winter
On U.S. Forest Service “leased” land with an annual rent
One or more levels has less than 8 foot (or even 6 foot) ceilings

Photo courtesy of Justanuptowngirl on Flickr

This is why Allyson and I try and preview houses  on  a regular basis. Most folks buying a home, whether as their primary home or as a vacation home, don’t want to buy something in poor condition or in a poor location.
We all love a good deal, but nobody is willing to pay for junk.

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