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Leavenworth Front Street Gets Facelift

Posted by Geordie Romer on April 6, 2012

Long time readers will remember back in 2009 when we first announced that Leavenworth was planning an eastern entrance to Leavenworth’s commercial district on Front St.

Thanks to lots of hard work and some grant money, it looks like that vision is coming to fruition.

The downtown street reconstruction began on April 2, 2012.
According to the City of Leavenworth:
Selland Construction will be setting the survey stakes along the property boundaries and City rights-of-way along Front Street and Division Street.  The Contractor will begin grinding up and removing pavement on Tuesday  morning (April 3) between 14th Street and 12th Street in preparation for beginning new sewer line construction.  Wednesday morning (April 4) the contractor will begin removing all curb gutter and sidewalks on Front Street between 14th and 12th Streets and will also begin to start some of the sewer line construction at the intersections of both 12th  Street & Front St and at 14th Street & Front Street.



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