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Ira Finklestein’s Christmas Parade

Posted by Geordie Romer on February 11, 2011

Everybody is talking about the Christmas movie being filmed in Leavenworth and here is your chance to take part. The movie is called “Ira Finkelstein’s Christmas Vacation”  and it  is the story of a Jewish kid who loves Christmas.

Christmas Parade Photo by Sgeulachdan on Flickr

One of the scenes is a Christmas Parade which will take place on March 3rd. The Christmas Parade starts at the Munchen House turns right on 9th Street, right on Commercial, right on 8th and then back on Front Street. It will repeat this loop four times or so.
The production crew needs at least 200 extras to be “parade watchers”. Show up at 7:45 on March 3rd and bring your friends!
My name is Ryan Ricks. I’m the Extra’s Coordinator for “Ira Finkelstein’s Christmas.”
 If you want to take part in more than just the parade, contact me with your first/last name, phone/email, age, pant/shirt size, and availability from MARCH 1 – MARCH 6,+ MARCH 13.
Specify if you are available DAY, NIGHT, OR BOTH FOR EACH OF THE ABOVE… DATES.

Cell: (206) 427-0907
Cell: (919) 740-4815
Email: [email protected]



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