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Icicle Creek Road – Forest Service Update

Posted by Geordie Romer on March 31, 2009

Icicle Creek Road in Leavenworth was severely damaged last Spring by floods at the upper end of the valley. 

Here is the latest from the local U.S. Forest Service office:
March 2009 Update on the status of Icicle Road #7600:
 The upper end of Icicle Road #7600 received damage from the 2008 debris slides that blocked Icicle Creek in two places. Water was forced out of the creek channel by the debris, taking the path of least resistance and leaving extensive damage. When the waters receded, left behind were massive rocky debris and total obliteration of at least 1/2 mile of the Icicle roadbed. There are additional slides/washouts that occurred this winter (2008-2009), but until snowmelt occurs, we won’t have a final assessment on road and campground damage in the upper Icicle Valley.
The upper portion of Icicle Road #7600 remains closed to all motorized vehicles. Three developed campgrounds (Blackpine, Chatter Creek and Rock Island) will remain closed in 2009. Five other developed campgrounds in the lower Icicle Valley are open to use and the road is accessible by vehicle to Ida Creek campground. A parking area was developed for vehicles and is located just beyond Ida Creek campground for those who want to access the upper Icicle trails by foot, mountain bike, or with stock animals.
Because of the severity of damage and Icicle Creek now occupying the old road alignment, Wenatchee River Ranger District will examine a proposal to move the road to higher ground, out of the flood plain and riparian areas, and safe from future flooding. The proposal will go through the NEPA process allowing the public to comment on it. The present projection is that Road surveying, planning and design could occur as early as summer of 2009, with construction in 2010. The road is projected to be open fall- 2010.”

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