August 09, 2008
By Allyson Romer
  Question: What is the number of single family homes on the Leavenworth market between $200,000 and $300,000.  Answer: 19  A move up in price range brings a dramatic increase in the number of available listings. From my previous post, the number of listings under $200,000 was 4. There are now 5 CONTINUE READING
August 04, 2008
By Geordie Romer
Mark wrote in with a question about Homes Sales Data Hey, Geordie – Here’s a question I’ve been wondering for a while. This might also be something that many other of your customers wonder about, so might be a good blog article topic, unless this is a big can of worms (or just a plain silly CONTINUE READING
July 07, 2008
By Geordie Romer
Leavenworth home sales have finally begun to become affected by the economic realities that surround us. Readers of this blog have no doubt seen the dollar tanking, oil prices surging and the stock market diving - even a little more so as the second quarter of 2008 came to a halt.   While the CONTINUE READING
July 05, 2008
By Geordie Romer
  A Leavenworth real estate blog? Three and a half years ago, I think people thought I was a little nuts to start blogging about Leavenworth and the local real estate market. As blogging has become more popular every year, the local blogosphere has become a little more populated as well (though far CONTINUE READING
April 17, 2008
By Geordie Romer
Part I   By John Griffith, Cascade Site Services, Cashmere WA   The conditions described below are not in any particular order as far as significance or commonality. Leavenworth does have a large number of older homes, built in the early 1900's, and many of these conditions are typical of CONTINUE READING
April 07, 2008
By Geordie Romer
Prices for Leavenworth Condos have continued their upward trend in prices despite a glut of new construction condos on the market.   This report is for the first quarter of 2008 and includes Kahler Glen condos as well as Leavenworth projects like Aspen Suites at Icicle Junction, RiverPark Homes CONTINUE READING
April 07, 2008
By Geordie Romer
Leavenworth real estate prices for both houses and condos have continued their upward trend in the first quarter of 2008. This includes the area from Peshastin to Stevens Pass including Lake Wenatchee, Fish Lake and Plain.   In the past, I have focused on comparing year to year trends, but this CONTINUE READING
March 03, 2008
By Geordie Romer
1. Price it high   You are not the first builder or developer to build condos in Leavenworth. Lots of price data exists, the closer you pay attention to that data, the quicker your project will sell. You're right "no one has built 10,000 square foot uber - condos made of gold" in Leavenworth, but CONTINUE READING
February 26, 2008
By Geordie Romer
Real estate has been in the national news of late. The National Association of Realtors recently announced that existing home sales are at the lowest point in 9 years.   Sounds like great news for buyers and real estate investors hoping to buy at a low point in the market. It would be, if it were CONTINUE READING
February 08, 2008
By Geordie Romer
Does it snow much in Leavenworth? I guess it depends what you are used to.   Here is a picture I took in downtown Leavenworth, a block from the Windermere office. Try and remember that it snows a lot more in Plain and Lake Wenatchee than it does down in town.

Allyson and Geordie Romer

Leavenworth real estate agents - Allyson and Geordie Romer

For over a decade, Allyson and Geordie have been serving clients in the Leavenworth-area real estate market. Together, they work tirelessly to stay on top of the regional market and present the most relevant opportunities to their clientele.

When not in the office, they can be found exploring the endless recreation opportunities of the area in all of its seasons.




Geordie provided excellent real estate representation! We appreciated his detailed knowledge of the market, his up front and honest approach, and his negotiation skills.
As reviewed on Zillow  – 

- Laura Anderson



As “west siders” looking for a getaway near Leavenworth, Geordie provided insight … his knowledge of design features important in a “snowy winter wonderland” was appreciated. Thanks Geordie!
As reviewed on Zillow  –

- Jean Stern



Geordie made this somewhat complicated transition easier for us…going above and beyond to help us work through issues that came up during the sale of our parents home. We appreciated his knowledge, attentiveness to details and his willing spirit.
Our family is grateful for Geordie!
As reviewed on Zillow  – 

- Terry Foster



Geordie was great in every way. We have been looking in the Leavenworth area for some time, and Geordie was absolutely the best for local knowledge, history and depth on neighborhoods, developments and the local market trends. He was very quick to respond (even when he was on his vacation) and worked very diligently to get all of our questions answered in a very timely fashion. We would recommend him highly to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Very friendly, and helped us navigate all of the local options before we made an offer on the property that we purchased. Thank you, Geordie!

As reviewed on Zillow  – 

- Ryan Olsen



It was such a pleasure to work with Geordie and his wife, Allyson on our cabin purchase. They showed us a variety of locations, listened to what we wanted and helped us find the perfect match. Everything was smooth and not stressful, just relaxed and easy. We would definitely recommend Geordie and use him again if the need arises!

As reviewed on Zillow  – 

- Cammie Schlosser


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