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Market Review

The local Windermere offices in Wenatchee and Leavenworth have recently published a market review which has local real estate statistics for 2005. (I will mail you one for free if you ask.) Average prices for local towns (excluding new construction): Wenatchee $189,000 E. Wenatchee $188,000 Cashmere $182,000 Leavenworth $267,000 Those prices seem ridiculously low, don’t they. Yep, that was 2005. Old news. As of …

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Interest Rates

In my discussions with my favorite lender, Darel Ansley of People’s Bank, it sounds like interest rates are starting to nudge up again. (Around 6.5% +/-) Mortgage professionals are guessing it could reach 6.7% later this summer. The good news is that this is likely as high as it will get for a while. If rates stay under 7% for a few years it …

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20%. That’s the big number that just came out from the recent Real Estate “Snapshot” put out by Pacific Appraisal in Wenatchee. There has been an overall gain of 20% value in real estate in the Wenatchee Valley since last year. Not all properties appreciated at this rate. Some market sectors are hot and others less so. Ramblers and their convenient one story living …

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Mandatory Zillow Discussion

Will Zillow revolutionize the real estate industry? That’s the question that seems to have surpassed all the bubble babble these past few months. For those that don’t know, Zillow is a website that claims to help home owners price their home using sophisticated computerized pricing analysis. Really it’s just an attempt for the website to get their share of real estate agents marketing dollars. …

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Multiple Offers

This is a hot market and I am finding myself representing clients in multiple offer situations more and more. I can think of 7 instances recently where this occured. Only once has my client not received the property they were hoping for. As a buyer, you should be prepared to act quickly and decisively. Get pre-approved from your lender before you start looking. If …

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New Report on Vacation Homes

The National Association of Realtors just published a report that says over 1/3 of recent home sales were of vacation properties (13%) or investment properties (24%). The median price of a vacation home nationwide is at $190,000 while the median price of investment properties is $148,000. These trends are expected to continue as more investors put their money in real estate instead of the …

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National Records in Condo Sales

According to data recently released by the National Association of Realtors, condominiums sold at a record pace in 2004. A total of 970,000 condos sold last year at a median price of $193,600. The volume was up 8% while median price was up 17%. (Single family homes rose 8.3%) Median price for condos in the West was $246,100, up 14.5%. I can’t say these …

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Trends in Real Estate

People always ask me about the current trends in real estate. One of the biggest trends is the increasing popularity of ramblers. Single story homes are becoming more and more popular every year. Why? Simple demographics. Our population is getting older every year and these buyers don’t want to or can’t use stairs. From bad knees to wheelchairs, the reasons for ramblers just make …

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2004 Growth in Local Real Estate

No real surprises here. The Leavenworth and Cashmere real estate markets continued to see great growth in 2004. The average price of a 2 bedroom home in Leavenworth went from $196,000 in 2003 to $210,000 in 2004. 3 bedroom homes went from $260,000 to $295,000. These are gains of 7% and 13.5%. The average home price went from $219,000 to $254,000, a nearly 12% …



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