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Allyson Romer

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Working with Geordie to find a home was a rewarding process. He took the time to understand our needs and wants. He is very responsive, always took my call or responded asap, and spent countless hours on the phone discussing the pros and cons  of our options, and showed us every property he could.   We never felt pushed into a decision. Finally he guided us through the contract and closing process, which, without his help, we would never have closed on time.

Sarah Horowitz
Geordie Romer

I am a realtor from another state. When my husband and I decided to move to Leavenworth, Washington we did our research on agents! We had a fantastic experience with Allyson Romer.  She is everything I hope to be as an agent.  Ethical, knowledgeable, customer oriented, technically savvy, thorough,  prompt.....the list goes on.  Plus she is real, and to me that is one of the best traits in a realtor and a person.  I knew she wasn't telling me what I wanted to hear, but telling me what is.  We feel grateful that we were able to work with her.  Both my husband and I would highly recommend her.

Julie England
Allyson Romer

We listed our lot with Geordie Romer , the whole process was smooth from start till it was sold. Geordie was very helpful steering us through some of the pitfalls one encounters along the way. I would highly recommend Geordie to anyone looking to buy or sell in the real  estate market.

Gordy Strand
Geordie Romer

Allyson helped my family find a lake home in the Leavenworth area, we looked at several properties until we found one that suited our needs and purchased it. I was very pleased with Allyson's ability to sort out what was available and find one that suited our budget and family.

She has very good local market knowledge and new the properties very well, both the good and bad.She was very professional and handled the sale from offer to closing very efficiently, her responses to our inquiries were always prompt. In short I would recommend Allyson to anyone looking for an efficient agent to assist them finding a home or property.

Clay Barr
Allyson Romer

We worked will Geordie on the sale of our home at Lake Wenatchee. He was actively involved in every step of the process - starting with several meetings to discuss how the property would be marketed and continuing on until the transaction closed (faster than we expected!).

Dave and Ann Danford
Geordie Romer

We've been involved in several real estate transaction over time and Allyson is hands-down the best agent we've worked with to date.  She is knowledgeable and understands the transaction process etc, but what sets her apart from all the other agents we've worked with is her responsiveness and   willingness to assist in any way possible.  In many instances Allyson performed tasks that were above and beyond what we expected, for example (to name just one) setting up contacts and staying involved even after the deal was closed!   There was never a question or issue that arose that Allyson could not find an answer to -- often being one step ahead of the process.  We were involved in negotiations, at some level, on four different pieces of property over three years and Allyson provided guidance and assistance without ever overselling or becoming impatient.  Without a doubt, Allyson has earned all our future Leavenworth business and referrals.

Teresa Bright
Allyson Romer

We worked with Geordie Romer both on the purchase of our house in 2012 and the sale of our house 2016. Both experiences were great and we would work with him again in the future.

TJ Broom
Geordie Romer

We were first-time homebuyers so we really appreciate that Allyson took as much time as we needed to explain the process and what to expect as we progressed through our purchase.  We found a house we were interested in very quickly and made a full-price offer, so in our case, the process was fast  and smooth.  With that being said, I don't doubt that Allyson keeping in excellent contact with the seller's agent, loan provider, inspector, and everyone else that we worked with during the process, is a big part of why we closed on time.

Since we are new to the area we were relying heavily on Allyson's local expertise and recommendations for who to work with, and in all cases we were happy.  Everyone we worked with had good words about Allyson and we can only agree with them.  A big thank you to Geordie as well, for being there during the inspection, since Allyson was out of town.

Dalton Hance
Allyson Romer

We recently purchased land in Plain, WA with Geordie Romer with Windermere Icicle Creek Homes as our agent. Since we live in the Seattle area we initially consulted our long-time local agent to start the process, together we decided that an agent familiar with the Leavenworth area would be a better  fit in this case. Our agent did quite a bit of research on agents in the Leavenworth area and interviewed several before recommending Geordie. In addition to gaining her approval several agents her Seattle office had worked with Geordie and had recommended him as well.

We could not be happier with the whole purchase experience with Geordie. He takes the time to listen and get a good feel for you and what you would want. As Geordie often works with people buying vacation properties he has experience in helping his clients get settled  in across the board, providing insight on everything from high speed data access to snow plow suggestions. His familiarity with the local properties allowed us to vet a listing more thoroughly before making the drive up for a showing.

In the end, we purchased land that Geordie had notified us about the first day it was listed; we drove up that day and put in an offer right away.

Michelle Hallen
Geordie Romer

Allyson helped us find a condo that met our needs and desires. She listened and understood  what we said. She showed us a number of attractive units that came close to meeting our expectations and kept us informed regarding new listings. Eventually she showed us the unit that is now our home.   During the rather complex process of negotiation, inspection and more negotiation, selection of a loan officer, etc. she offered sound reliable advice.

After the condo sale was completed and we had moved in we listed our house with Allyson. She handled the listing in a most professional manner, including great professional photographs and solid follow up with other agents who showed the property. She advised us to make a minor change when negative comments were made about a feature in one of the downstairs rooms. When a serious offer was made, she again guided us through the process. The house sold for a fair price in a very difficult market.

Dick Murphy
Allyson Romer

Geordie was very helpful with our house search in Leavenworth. He is knowledgeable about the area and everything else too! He got us in to view the house for the third time even when he's out of town on vacation! If we ever consider another property east of the mountain Geordie Romer is the one we will call.

Monika Lee
Geordie Romer

Excellent marketing of our home, beautiful online tour, stunning brochure. The home had multiple offers within a day, and we had a contract within two. Maybe we could have gotten a bit more for the house, but we were very satisfied with the experience.

Rainne Knight
Allyson Romer

This was our second real estate purchase through Geordie.  Again, he went "above and beyond" for us, even taking care of details the listing broker should have.  Again, we were very pleased.

Bill Deters
Geordie Romer

Geordie knows and understands the Leavenworth market. He was responsive to us, honest and very professional. When an offer was made, Geordie gave us direct and reasonable arguments for both sides, regarding whether or not we should make a counter offer. He explained in detail the to and cons, pointing out things we hadn't considered. Buying or selling a house is never an easy thing to negotiate-Geordie managed it beautifully!

Pamela Meath
Geordie Romer

I really enjoyed working with Geordie to purchase my property in Cashmere.  He is friendly, professional, knowledgable and very on top of things. He really took his time showing us the lots and I didn't feel rushed or pushed into making a decision.  All of my emails were responded to quickly and  thoroughly.  All of the documents were prepared correctly and timely as well.  I highly recommend working with him.

Elizabeth Talbot
Geordie Romer

Geordie is thorough and extremely competent. He has helped me sell two properties while I was out of state, and he took care of everything !! He traveled to my property and arranged for aerial photos that were beautiful !! And he answered all questions I had in a prompt and complete manner.

Aviva Weiner
Geordie Romer

Geordie made this somewhat complicated transition easier for us...going above and beyond to help us work through issues that came up during the sale of our parents home. We appreciated his knowledge, attentiveness to details and his willing spirit. Our family is grateful for Geordie!

Terry Foster
Geordie Romer

Geordie help us to get to get vacation property in Leavenworth. Since we are not locals most of communication happened over the phone or emails and it worked out nicely. There were no surprises and we eventually got one of the properties to closure.

Tomas Weinfurt
Geordie Romer

Geordie represented us on the sale of our Leavenworth home. He provided excellent real estate representation! We appreciated his detailed knowledge of the market, his upfront & honest approach & his negotiation skills. We highly recommend Geordie.

Laura Anderson
Geordie Romer

As "west siders" looking for a getaway near Leavenworth, Geordie provided insight into various "neighborhoods" within and outside of Leavenworth city limits. Additionally, his knowledge of preferred home design features important in a "snowy winter wonderland" was appreciated. Geordie provided good insight to the market, including approximate homes per year available in our price range. This latter point helped us to decide whether to make an offer on the one property that best suited our need/affordability. We also appreciated his availability for phone communications that fit our work schedules....many conversations occurred in the evening. He answered our many questions on the spot or quickly got back to us with answers.

Thanks Geordie!

Jean Stern
Geordie Romer

Geordie is a a great professional to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the Leavenworth/Wenatchee area and the real estate domain.

Hitesh Jawa
Geordie Romer

I am a full time real estate professional at Windermere Real Estate NW Inc, in Monroe Washington. I hired Geordie to list my property for sale in the Fish Lake area in Eastern Washington. Geordie was very knowledgeable of both the area and the product. Since I am in the profession, my expectations are probably a lot higher than most. Geordie surpassed my expectations! He did an excellent job.

Tami Bradley
Geordie Romer

Geordie helped my husband and I sell a condo in Leavenworth. He was a great partner, helping us deal with disappointment in a tough market, providing us with great advice, jumping in to assist when there were difficult issues, and guiding us through a unique negotiation and deal. He is personable while being a true professional.

Cyndi Mundhenk
Geordie Romer

Geordie has provided us with great expertise and guidance throughout the entire process of our weekend home purchase. His deep and detailed knowledge of the area was extremely helpful in pre-selecting the potential houses for us, with very useful insight information in several aspects, such as in researching additional information, e.g. on the subject of floodplains that we were concerned about in the area. Our communication with Geordie, although long-distance, was easy, and we always received a quick reply. Geordie’s guidance on each step of the process made the whole experience pleasant, stress-free, and enjoyable. Many thanks.

Alice Dohnalkova
Geordie Romer

We contacted Geordie as we began the search for a second home in the Leavenworth area. His deep knowledge of the area and ability to understand our goals led us to a perfect match on day 1 of the search. Throughout the purchase process, he acquired the needed information and facilitated decision making with the highest degree of professionalism (this included enlisting the services of one of his colleagues to address the complexity of dual agency). We completed the purchase process with the feeling of having worked with an extremely competent, high integrity professional, and we are very happy with our new home

Harold Kutz
Geordie Romer

Geordie made the process seamless. Living more than 2,500 miles away from Leavenworth, I depended on Geordie to review, negotiate and close the property. Geordie is still providing information to make our transition easy.

Stephanie Worrell
Geordie Romer

Geordie made the purchase of our Leavenworth property an enjoyable process.

From the first viewing of the property to closing he was responsive to my numerous questions, returning emails and calls promptly. In short, we would definitely recommend Geordie to anyone in the market for real estate.

Peggy Lockinger
Geordie Romer

Geordie provided excellent advice on how to market our home and obtain the maximum sale value. He was always available when I had questions. I was very pleased with the results.

LeRoy Farmer
Geordie Romer

Geordie provided us a great service in selling my wife Terri and I a property in the Leavenworth area. But more than that we learned about a whole community in the greater Leavenworth area. That was only made possible because of Geordie's vast knowledge of the area and much of it's history. The education we got in the search process allowed us to be very comfortable in selecting the community to build our vacation home.

Kevin Bookey
Geordie Romer

Geordie listens and provides very sound customer-centric advice. He helped us find our dream vacation house in Leavenworth and provided a fantastic amount of insider information on the city and surrounding areas.

James Sturms
Geordie Romer

Geordie sold our beautiful home in a very difficult real estate market because of his unwavering belief that marketing the house properly would result in a successful sale. And he was right. Geordie is a professional in every sense; his knowledge of the real estate market and his analytical capabilities bring added value. We enjoyed working with Geordie and can easily and wholeheartedly recommend him to either list your home or find the perfect home for you.

Mimi Berger
Geordie Romer

We have hired Geordie to list and sell our home, then used his services to buy another. Geordie was a true pleasure to work with and his knowledge of the greater Leavenworth real estate market is second to none. I will use Geordie the next time around and highly recommend his first class professional services to you.

Mike Arnold
Geordie Romer

We had the pleasure to meet and work with Geordie in 2009. He has an excellent presence on the web - his site was comprehensive, relevant, and presented the data we were looking for in an accessible manner. Geordie exceeded our expectation in all ways and was not the traditional real-estate agent (gain a listing, wait for someone else to bring a buyer). He knowledge of the area was superb. Geordie was able to easily adapt to our style, quickly focus on our needs, was able to answer all questions/inquiries, and respond in a timely manner on all responses that required detailed research. I would highly recommend Geordie to anyone looking to conduct a real estate transaction (selling/buying/investing) in his service area. Geordie is a hard-working professional in an industry rife with mediocrity.

Chris Manzione
Geordie Romer

Geordie provided great service for us as we purchased our vacation home on Fish Lake. He helped negotiate a good deal, provided smooth sailing to our closing, and has been an excellent community resource ever since. We would highly recommend him for anyone interested in purchasing a home in the Leavenworth/Lake Wenatchee area.

Erika Price
Geordie Romer

We hired Geordie to assist in our search for a vacation property in Leavenworth, WA. Because we did not live in the area, it was great to have someone reliable in our corner, who was looking out for us as new properties came on the market. He's very knowledgeable of the area and could readily provide feedback on available properties and suggest properties that may be of interest to us. I would gladly recommend Geordie to others seeking real estate in the Leavenworth/Lake Wenatchee area.

Stephanie Bourne
Geordie Romer

I wanted to share some information with you about a residential broker I recently used in Leavenworth area to list and sell some recreational property that I owned. Geordie Romer of Windermere Real Estate in Leavenworth far exceed my expectations in all areas of the transaction. His market survey work was quick and accurate. He had clients looking at the property the same day it was listed and had two full price offers for me to consider the same week. That was not the best part. Over the next few weeks Geordie was able to arrange all necessary work by local vendors, at a fair price and in a timely manner, to insure closing on the selected date. I can whole heartily recommend Geordie and his team in Leavenworth.

Tom Ripley
Geordie Romer

Geordie worked with my wife and I for quite a long time while we searched for a home that felt right for us. I don't think we were the easiest home buyers and Geordie was very patient through the many, many houses and properties he took us to check out. In the end he convinced us to look at a house  we wanted nothing to do with based on the listing. Sure enough, that is the home we are in now and are very happy. I liked working with Geordie and appreciated his honesty and candor and his knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of the Leavenworth housing market. 


Highly likely to recommend
Geordie Romer

We never would have found and purchased this house without Geordie. He had been keeping an eye on the market for us for months and when the right one came up, he let us know right away and we were able to get an offer in before anyone else. I would highly recommend!

Hilary Meyerson
Geordie Romer

From the start of the process to closing was about 3 weeks. Geordie kept us in the loop on everything while it was in process and closed on time! Thank you

Shane Lunak
Geordie Romer

Geordie was able to discover what we were looking for and direct us quickly to potential properties that we could call home very quickly. We expected to spend months looking at homes prior to putting in an offer on one but were able to find the one we were looking for within weeks

Dave Wilkie
Geordie Romer

Geordie stepped in when we needed him and handled our purchase with great professionalism. He was knowledgable, courteous, and kept on top of the entire process. We would gladly use him again as well as recommend to others.

Abra Miller
Geordie Romer

I would highly recommend Geordie and Allyson Romer. Geordie was my main agent, but Allyson helped along the way. Geordie was referred to me and I am very happy we decided to go with this great team to help us purchase our new home! They are great at providing negotiation advise and getting the  best price for the home you want, as well as helping you with the process to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible. We are now in our new home and couldn't be happier

Katie Stevens
Geordie Romer

Geordie helped my wife and I purchase a home in the Lake Wenatchee / Plain area. His knowledge of the local market was extremely helpful in us successfully purchasing our new cabin. He took great care and patience learning what we were looking for and finding suitable options for us to visit. He  helped us navigate a very tight market with low inventory and quick sales. I appreciated his straight-forward nature and his flexibility to always work around our schedule. In the end we were able to purchase an amazing cabin that truly exceeded our expectations. Thanks! 

Mike Ipsen
Geordie Romer

Geordie explained the process of selling our home, made a few suggestions, but no pressure. The sale went exactly as he said it would, including getting over our asking price. Highly recommend him!

Shannon Stithem
Geordie Romer

Geordie Romer was great to work with through the whole process of purchasing my new condo in Leavenworth WA. After our initial meeting, he knew exactly what I was looking for and found me the perfect place. He was very knowledgable and responsive to all my questions and remained very helpful  through the entire process. I really appreciated his thoroughness. I would highly recommend Geordie for anyone's new home purchase!

Christine Gallagher
Geordie Romer

Allyson and Geordie Romer

Leavenworth real estate agents - Allyson and Geordie Romer

For over a decade, Allyson and Geordie have been serving clients in the Leavenworth-area real estate market. Together, they work tirelessly to stay on top of the regional market and present the most relevant opportunities to their clientele.

When not in the office, they can be found exploring the endless recreation opportunities of the area in all of its seasons.




Geordie provided excellent real estate representation! We appreciated his detailed knowledge of the market, his up front and honest approach, and his negotiation skills.
As reviewed on Zillow  – 

- Laura Anderson



As “west siders” looking for a getaway near Leavenworth, Geordie provided insight … his knowledge of design features important in a “snowy winter wonderland” was appreciated. Thanks Geordie!
As reviewed on Zillow  –

- Jean Stern



Geordie made this somewhat complicated transition easier for us…going above and beyond to help us work through issues that came up during the sale of our parents home. We appreciated his knowledge, attentiveness to details and his willing spirit.
Our family is grateful for Geordie!
As reviewed on Zillow  – 

- Terry Foster



Geordie was great in every way. We have been looking in the Leavenworth area for some time, and Geordie was absolutely the best for local knowledge, history and depth on neighborhoods, developments and the local market trends. He was very quick to respond (even when he was on his vacation) and worked very diligently to get all of our questions answered in a very timely fashion. We would recommend him highly to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Very friendly, and helped us navigate all of the local options before we made an offer on the property that we purchased. Thank you, Geordie!

As reviewed on Zillow  – 

- Ryan Olsen



It was such a pleasure to work with Geordie and his wife, Allyson on our cabin purchase. They showed us a variety of locations, listened to what we wanted and helped us find the perfect match. Everything was smooth and not stressful, just relaxed and easy. We would definitely recommend Geordie and use him again if the need arises!

As reviewed on Zillow  – 

- Cammie Schlosser


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