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Stevens Pass Ski Cabin For Sale

2014 UPDATE 

We are proud to represent this affordable cabin at Yodelin this summer.

34202 Stevens Road

1 bedroom cabin with sleeping loft and bonus room in basement. Covered deck. Offered at $145,000

Yodelin Cabin

Yodelin Cabin




With ski season just around the corner, we know a lot of folks are looking for a Stevens Pass ski cabin for sale. One of the difficulties in finding a cabin near the pass is that there really aren’t a lot of houses or developed neighborhoods very close to the pass. Unlike other ski areas, there aren’t condos at Stevens Pass or other housing options where you can ski out your front door.

Stevens Pass Lodge

Timberframe Lodge Near Stevens Pass

The first place to look is our Stevens Pass real estate search page.   This will take you to a geographic search and show you the closest homes for sale to Stevens Pass.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many Stevens Pass ski cabins for sale within 5-10 minutes of the pass. Those that are closest can be found in the Yodelin neighborhood.  Roads are not plowed in Yodelin during the winter so owning a cabin here means walking, skiing, snowmobiling or even using a snow cat for winter access.  The roads are often snow covered into June if not July each year.

Yodelin Parking

Parking Snow Cats at Yodelin


Where should you look for a cabin close to Stevens Pass? (See Map Below)


stevens pass map yodelin

Yodelin Near Stevens Pass

Stevens Pass Cabins Near Coles Corner

Stevens Pass Cabins Near Coles Corner



Your best chance of finding a Stevens Pass ski cabin for sale is in the following neighborhoods:


  •  Sunland Estates
  • Highway 2 from Coles Corner to Merritt
  • Reiche and Karl Road
  • Pine River Ranch Neighborhood (Memory Lane, Conard, Nason)


If you are looking for a condominium near Stevens Pass the closest condos are at Kahler Glen Golf and Ski Resort near Lake Wenatchee.
Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email if you would like help in your search for a Stevens Pass ski cabin for sale.



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